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Creative Activation

Sep 21, 2019
1 Day / 0 Nights
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Creative Activation

DAY RETREAT: Yoga Nidra and Self Inquiry for Creative Activation

Sep 21, 2019

1 Day / 0 Nights
Price $185 per person

Join Yoga Nidra and Meditation teacher Tracee Stanley on a journey of creativity through deep relaxation and self-inquiry practices.

Recent brain science shows us that we spend most of our time exploiting what we already know as opposed to exploring the unknown.

The void of the unknown is the place where inspired creativity and innovation immerges from. Move beyond creative blocks and out of the space of the linear; activate your creativity and intuition with practices and self-inquiry that support exploration. If you are feeling blocked in your creativity as a screenwriter, artist, creative join Tracee as together we unveil the obstacles to our creative thriving and renew and refresh the body and mind with deep relaxation and Yoga Nidra. Tracee is a former film producer and development executive; she has developed and produced over 35 feature films and worked closely with many writers, directors, and actors to help them realize their ideas and scripts over the years.

  • Learn how to deeply relax
  • Leave with practices and tools to continue empowering creativity
  • Dissolve the obstacles that stand in your way of thriving
  • Dream practices and Sleep practices for creativity.


**This satisfies 1 day of our 5 day retreat requirement for Teacher Training students**


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  • Dates
    Sep 21, 2019
  • Duration
    1 Day / 0 Nights
  • Expected Arrival Time
  • Price
  • Instructor
    Tracee Stanley
  • Location
    DEN Studio City
  • Included
  • Not Included
9am - 12pm
  • Opening Circle
  • Lecture
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Exploration Practicum
12pm - 2pm
  • Lunch
2pm - 6pm
  • Clarity Practicum
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Creative Writing
  • Creativity Activation
  • Free writing
  • Yoga Nidra and a path forward
  • Closing Circle

Retreat Location

The DEN STUDIO CITY: The DEN is your neighborhood meditation studio nestled into Los Angeles, a peaceful oasis in one of the world’s busiest cities. From mindfulness meditation, to sound baths, to workshops, we offer guided meditation classes for every lifestyle, every day of the week. Whether you want to learn how to meditate, find a home for your meditation practice, or just want to give yourself peace of mind in this fast-paced world, join us at The DEN.
Creative Activation

Tracee Stanley

Lead Instructor

Tracee Stanley

Tracee has been studying Yoga and Tantra since 1995. Her introduction to yoga was through the practice of Kundalini Yoga where she was fortunate enough to practice with Yogi Bhajan on several of his visits to Yoga West in Los Angeles. Being in his presence gave Tracee a glimpse into the power of Yoga and transmission beyond anything she had ever experienced. Soon after Tracee was introduced to the practice of Hatha yoga. At the time she was a high level executive in the film industry and she began to notice that the practice provided the balance, clarity and perspective that she needed to stay calm in the midst of chaos.

After reading a translation of the Yoga Sutra’s in 2000, Tracee went on a quest for a teachings that could create more understanding for her around the philosophies and promises of Yoga illuminated by Patanjali in this text. There was was one sutra that really resonated with her. She could feel it in her cells. Sutra 1:36. It was then that she was led to study in the lineage of the Himalayan Masters and Tantra. She was later initiated in the lineage of Sri Vidya by Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Since 2004 the focus of Tracee’s teaching has been yoga nidra, meditation, self-empowerment, sankalpa (intention) and self-inquiry. She utilises the unique practices of the Himalayan Masters and revelations from her own experiences to guide students towards the door of awakening to their true nature: one that is full of luminosity, truth, wisdom and bliss. It is her passion and dharma to create sacred containers for transformation, self-remembrance and activation of inner radiance.