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Self-Compassion @ The DEN

Feb 15, 2020
1 Day / 0 Nights
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Self-Compassion @ The DEN

1 Day Only: Self Compassion through guided meditation and periods of silence

Feb 15, 2020

1 Day / 0 Nights
Price $185 per person

Compassion is the quivering of the heart in the face of our own and others suffering. This “Ultimate medicine” has not only the desire, but the ability to heal and transform our human difficulties. As we cultivate this heart quality a sense of resiliency arises that is unshakable despite inner and outer conditions. To embody this powerful energy is our birthright.

This daylong is an intensive compassion retreat will be lead by Senior Mindfulness Facilitator Heather Prete. We will explore Universal and Self Compassion through guided meditation as well as periods of silence. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a sack lunch (preferably vegegtarian if possible) as we will eat in mindfulness as a group.

  • Learn how to deeply relax
  • Leave with practices and tools to continue empowering creativity
  • Dissolve the obstacles that stand in your way of thriving
  • Dream practices and Sleep practices for creativity.


**This satisfies 1 day of our 5 day retreat requirement for Teacher Training students**


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  • Dates
    Feb 15, 2020
  • Duration
    1 Day / 0 Nights
  • Price
  • Instructor
    Heather Prete
  • Location
    DEN La Brea
  • Time
    11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Included
  • Not Included

Retreat Location

The DEN LA BREA: The DEN is your neighborhood meditation studio nestled into Los Angeles, a peaceful oasis in one of the world’s busiest cities. From mindfulness meditation, to sound baths, to workshops, we offer guided meditation classes for every lifestyle, every day of the week. Whether you want to learn how to meditate, find a home for your meditation practice, or just want to give yourself peace of mind in this fast-paced world, join us at The DEN.
Self-Compassion @ The DEN

Heather Prete

Lead Instructor

Heather Prete

Heather Prete is a UCLA certified Mindfulness facilitator, Self-Compassion teacher, and Mindfulness in Recovery coach. She began her formal training with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998 and has received instruction in the U.S. and Asia. Heather spent time training PhDs at the Tarzana Treatment center and working as a guiding teacher for Mindful School’s online adult courses (which were featured in Time magazine’s cover story, “The Mindful Revolution”). She also worked with those in recovery at Alternatives Treatment Center, Westside Treatment, and BLVD Centers.

Heather also spent 20 years in the theater. She is published in the book Remembering Arthur Miller and has been featured in The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Time magazine, and Times of India. Since mindfulness transformed her own creative process, she’s worked with actors through the Khan Institute to teach her program, “Mindfulness for the Actor.”

Since 2000, Heather has remained committed to yearly retreats ranging from seven to 30 days in length and has completed three teacher trainings. She also sells her paintings to the lovely residents of Los Angeles.