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Silent Retreat: Malibu

Jan 3, 2019 - Jan 6, 2019
4 days
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Silent Retreat: Malibu

Savouring Silence

Jan 3, 2019 - Jan 6, 2019

4 days
Singles from $850 | Sharing from $600

True silence is not oppressive, it is not lonely, it is not disconnected from our world. True silence is THE internal CONDITION NECESSARY FOR CONNECTION TO OURSELVES, OTHERS AND OUR WORLD. It is rich, and it clears the path to insight and the qualities of joy, compassion, and equanimity that are available to us all.

Learn the value of a silent retreat with Senior Mindfulness and Compassion teacher Heather Prete as she guides us to experience our inner and outer world with bare awareness, the mind of true knowing and loving kindness. There will also be silent yoga taught daily by Thalia Ayres to explore what it feels like to meditate in motion.

“True silence is not a contraction, like the tightening and holding we associate with being told to behave in school. It is a process of gently unfolding into non-doing, of letting go of the habits that rob us of being truly here for ourselves and our lives. It is coming home…” – Heather Prete

We will be:

  • Finding a place of peace and resiliency within ourselves, not dependent on outside conditions
  • Learning to find the beauty inherent in each moment
  • Cultivating equanimity and joy so we may be the love we wish for the world
  • Savoring our inner goodness and the goodness of others
  • Savoring our connection with the planet
  • This retreat is all levels


Space is limited

Reserve your space today!

  • Dates
    Jan 3, 2019 - Jan 6, 2019
  • Duration
    4 days
  • Price
    600 - $2,200
  • Instructors
    Heather Prete, Thalia Ayres
  • Included
    Swimming Pool & Hot Tub
    All Classes
    Vegetarian Meals
  • Not Included
    Additional Activities
    Additional Services
    Guided Tours
    Spa Treatments
Day 1
  • Introduction meeting and dinner (silence will begin at 10:00pm)
Day 2-4
  • Breakfast
  • Sitting
  • Dharma talk
  • Walking meditation
  • Lunch
  • Hour free time
  • Sitting
  • Yoga
  • Sitting
  • Dharma talk
  • Walking meditation
  • Dinner
  • Half hour free time
  • Dharma talk
  • Sitting
  • Continued sitting or bedtime

Retreat Location

DEN Malibu House is 3.5-acres of balinese themed paradise nestled atop the serene Santa Monica mountains between aromatic Malibu wine country and the blissful beaches below.
Silent Retreat: Malibu
  • This retreat begins at 7 PM on January 3rd, but you can arrive as early as 4 PM. The retreat ends at 4 PM on January 6th.
  • Retreat Malibu is located at 1775 Encinal Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 about a 1-hr drive from Los Angeles. There is parking, but we recommend carpooling.

Heather Prete

Heather Prete: DEN Retreats Instructor

Heather Prete is a UCLA certified Mindfulness facilitator, Self-Compassion teacher, and Mindfulness in Recovery coach. She began her formal training with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998 and has received instruction in the U.S. and Asia. Heather spent time training PhDs at the Tarzana Treatment center and working as a guiding teacher for Mindful School’s online adult courses (which were featured in Time magazine’s cover story, “The Mindful Revolution”). She also worked with those in recovery at Alternatives Treatment Center, Westside Treatment, and BLVD Centers.

Heather also spent 20 years in the theater. She is published in the book Remembering Arthur Miller and has been featured in The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Time magazine, and Times of India. Since mindfulness transformed her own creative process, she’s worked with actors through the Khan Institute to teach her program, “Mindfulness for the Actor.”

Since 2000, Heather has remained committed to yearly retreats ranging from seven to 30 days in length and has completed three teacher trainings. She also sells her paintings to the lovely residents of Los Angeles.

Thalia Ayres

Thalia Ayres

Thalia Ayres (E-RYT 200, ORDM) was introduced to Shamanism, Yoga and A Course In Miracles from the time she was born by her grandmother, mother and godmother. These practices are at the core of her spiritual foundation which started the groundwork for her own journey in to the healing arts.

In 2012 she embarked on a journey to Self in South Africa, dedicating the months spent there to meditation and self-practice under the guidance of her Reiki Master Tara Antler. It was on this trip that she realized her purpose, to inspire and teach others how to uncover and magnify their own light. When she returned home to Canada she decided to move to Arizona for her yoga certification which then led her to dive deeper and continue her studies at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, graduating from the Spiritual Studies Program and ultimately becoming an ordained inter-faith minister.

Thalia is able to help people connect to their higher self through meditation, yoga, reiki (Usui), aromatherapy, crystal and tibetan bowl sound healing and spiritual coaching. She believes that in order to transform our community at large, we must first start from within.

Main House

King Single/Double Room #1

  • Shared bed
  • Private bath

King Bed (single occupancy): $2200/pp SOLD OUT
King Bed (double occupancy): $1750/pp SOLD OUT

King Double/Triple Room #2

  • Shared Bed
  • Private bath

King Bed (double occupancy): $1750/pp
King Bed (triple occupancy): $1200/pp

Quad Room Single Bed #3

  • Shared bath

Single Bed: $850/pp SOLD OUT

Guest House

King Single/Double Room #4

  • Shared bed
  • Shared bath

King Bed (single occupancy): $2000/pp
King Bed (double occupancy): $1500/pp

Queen Double/Triple Room #5

  • Shared bed
  • Shared bath

Queen Bed (double occupancy): $1500/pp
Queen Bed (triple occupancy): $1000/pp

Quad Room Single Bed #6

  • Shared bath

Single Bed: $850/pp


Airstream Single/Double #7

  • Shared bed
  • Private bath
  • Kitchenette

Single: $1800/pp
Double: $1200/pp

Airstream Single/Double #8

  • Shared bed
  • Private bath
  • Kitchenette

Single: $1800/pp
Double: $1200/pp



  • Must bring your own tent and bedding
  • Shared bath
  • Shared kitchenette

Price: $600/pp

*A $750 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Tents and Quad rooms are paid in full. Final payment is due December 1st.